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What I can say about me, true is that I didn’t quit my job and I haven’t traveled ten years around a world. I don’t speak 25 languages and I’m not super talented. I’m not a fearless and bravest man in the world. I’m not super social so I don’t have plenty of friends. I have normal work. I’m Living in London in United Kingdom.
I’m the normal guy.


Whatsoever traveling is the greatest passion of my life. Thanks to lots of trips with super low budget, I learned how to save money on my travels.What you can discover on this website.


Check my weeding photography website:



My great passion as well is photography and you can see my pictures in Instagram.

about-me-story-contact-details-links-to-social-profiles about-me-story-contact-details-links-to-social-profilesabout-me-story-contact-details-links-to-social-profiles about-me-story-contact-details-links-to-social-profiles






Email:  adimazi.am@gmail.com



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