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Climbing Mont Blanc

So first of all that will be the most ridiculous and absolutely bold guide what  you can read about Mont Blanc. Yes, most of informations here are seriously crazy and you shouldn’t do the same thing as I did, climbing Mont Blanc. So let’s start bold guide about Climbing mont blanc – Travel Blog.

How to Get there and when to climb:

Journey starts in Chamonix. Extraoridinary village-city in French Alps. Best way to get there is from Geneva, Lyon or Turin and maybe even Milan could be suitable.

Making Chamonix your base is for me the best choice and village itself is fuc… beautiful. I mean it’s one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Best time: from end of May to end of September, when best weather time is  July and August.

climbing mont blanc

How I was climbing mont blanc with guidlines:

I had traveled to Chamonix around 20th of September. I was dedicated to climb Mont Blanc solo, without guide. Unfortunately because of very bad weather (strong wind) I had to wait in village for 2 days, which ones I used for training on mountains around 2000 meters.

When the weather improved, around 10 am I took a bus (1.50 EURO) to Les Houches, and from there I took cable car Bellevue (17 EURO  return), that day because of the bad weather I couldn’t took Tram du Mont Blanc, all the trams were cancelled, so I just simply walk to refugee Nid d’Aigle. I took track through the forrest, not along the tram railways, which I think was mistake because track looks longer. It took me around 2 hours to get to Nid d’Aigle, but I was pushing myself… so It can take even 3 hours.  Track is very easy to find.

After reaching Nid d’Aigle and a short break I started walking to refuge de Tête Rousse. This part wasn’t so easy as before, but still track was very easy to find I include some pictures, there are everywhere red signs on stones and moulds of stones to not get lost.

climbing mont blanc climbing mont blanc

Unfortunately here on my way I had one bad accident I met group of 3 alpinist and when I asked them becouse I wasn’t sure which way to go on the crossroads, one guy gave me wrong direction, after 10 minutes I realized on GPS that I’m on wrong track so I came back, but I lost some energy and I was pissed off.

Tête Rousse

Whatever I found the track and aproximately it took me 2,5 hour to refuge de Tête Rousse. Where I ate my lunch and resupply water. You can easily stay there for a night if you need ( this refuge is much cheaper then Gouter).

From Tête Rousse I moved towards Gouter, It took me around 3 hours of mostly walking and scrambling when I reach 3,817m in Refuge. The weather was partly awful, very cold and snowing. Way itself it’s not secure, partly it’s dangerous. It’s much better to do it with guides, whatever possible to climbed solo.

While climbing mont blanc you can find crosses like o the picture above, unfortunately lot’s of peple died climbing. Remember secure first.

climbing mont blanc

Gouter Refuge

Passing Grand Couloir wasn’t dangerous because here was a lot of snow so there wasn’t much rocks falling from above. Whatever this part of climbing mont blanc can be bloody scary.

That’s me in Gouter Refuge on  3,817m. I was so fu***ing tired when I reach it. Even more because of the change of altitude I slept only 1 hour before summit day.


Refuge itself it’s awesome, modern place and the view is stunning from there. Cost of Overnight stay 75 euro, 30 euro dinner and 12 euro breakfast.  Have a look on pictures made from there:

climbing mont blanc climbing mont blanc climbing mont blanc

Summit Day

On the second day I left refugee early around 3 am. I was following group of french climbers and I solo climber form New Zeland. Most of the way it’s easy but there is a glaciated terrain so crampons and ice axe are required, with harnesses and ropes.

My way up was fighting with tiredness long walk whit small parts of climbing. The most unpleasant thing was that terrible cold with strong wind. I frostbite my foot fingers. Painful piece of shit.

On your way you have to be crucially focus and look after crevasses and some of difficult parts of the way. Climbing mont blanc from Gouter to summit takes around 4-6 hours. I made in 4 but I paid it by great tiredness on my way back.

Have a look on pictures from the way:

Climbing mont blanc

Aiguille du Midi

climbing mont blanc

One of the shelters on the way

climbing mont blanc

Final ascent

On my facebook you can find film from the top and here you have a picture

climbing mont blanc


On my way back I was fu***ing tired that only God knows How I made it down. I thinking the way down it’s much more dangerous than way up. Stay Safe!

Whatever it was a great adventure and I strongly can reccomend it to everyone.

Helpful links:


Tete Rousse Hut – Tel: +33 (0)4 50 58 24 97

Gouter Refuge

Guardians: Amelia Faure and Thomas Duconseille, Email:, Tel: +33 (0)6 72 81 22 08, Website:

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