Denmark Travel Guide

Denmark Travel Guide

Denmark for me is a happy country How is possible there is so expensive and this taxes! But they are still very happy! The Danish have a style as well with choice what to wear and great modern architecture. I stayed their on Couchsurfing and I can strongly said they are extremely hospitable. Food is good beer even better so just discover.

Denmark Travel Guide

Capital: Copenhagen

Language:  Danish / Population: 5.6 million  / Currency: Danish Krone

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Climate  in Denmark is pleasant in the summertime (May – August). Typical daytime temperatures in summer are around 20 degrees C, so it makes perfect time for your Denmark travel. May is a specially charming month, as the spring is at its height. September can be very rainy. The Winter in Denmark usually is quite cold. Temperature falls sometimes until 15 – 30°C below zero. Then the country is ruled by snow, ice and icy winds. Even in April it is still possible to have a snowstorm. In the wintertime the sun rises only little above the horizon and for months ( October – March) the days are dark and short.

Suggested clothing: Lightweights with rainwear for summer, waterproof and warmer clothing for winter.An umbrella and a sweater are necessary almost any time of e year during your Denmark travel.

Cuisine is based on dishes with meat (pork, beef, chicken), potatoes and vegetables. Danish eat a lot of fish baked and prepared in vinegar. The food is traditional and rich in nutritional value. Culinary tradition is not only the rules, but also a way of storage of food. For breakfast you get flakes with milk or yoghurt, simple sandwich with cheese or jam and coffee. Do not ask a Dane for a tea for breakfast, he surely answer you, “No thanks. I’m not sick,” Between breakfast and lunch is Frokost. Eat then popular open sandwich with rye bread served on all the possible ways (Smorrebrod), or try liver pate (Leverpastej). If you manage to find “Danish Bord koldt” take it without thinking. Most likely you try there sauces, marinated fish (halibut smoked herring, eel), meatballs, chicken liver pate. This is the best way to get to know the taste of Denmark.

Foreign Relations Denmark joined European Union in 1973, NATO since 1949.

How to Save Money

1. Shop with common sense.  The cheapest will be shopping in one of these markets:  Netto, Aldi, Fakta and REMA 1000. You have big choice, you can buy everything cheaper.

2. Free entrance to museums mostly wednesday but sometimes other you have to check exacly attraction you wannna go.

3. City Pass If you going to visit many attractions city passes are the best way. The card gives you free entrance to many museums and discounts to others, plus free transportation on buses, trains and metro and even discounts at local restaurants.

4. Cycle You can borrow a city bike for a 25kr per hour and give back where ever you like there are many stands in Copenhagen city centre.

5. Claim tax back if you not EU Citizen. taxation in Danemark is really high 25%, so keep in mind that after your Denmark travel, on airport you can have it back.

6. Don’t think about dinner in restaurant. If you wanna save on food, restaurants are very expensive, so choose set menus on lunch (should be affordable around 15euros), or eat in IKEA stores (30kr) its really cheap or street food like hot dog stands (4euros).

 7. Go by rail cheaply. If you book in advance you can save to 50% on your ticket, check as well “Orange tickets” it’s like cheap online tickets and it help you  save even to 70% on your ticket compare to these ones from bought in station.

Expense Report

Expense report for Denmark travel guide  are based on my individual experience, big Mac index and online research. (2015)

Big Mac € 4,90
Bread  from 1,90  
Budget Lunch for 1 (with drink) € from 18,00 
Budget Dinner for 1 (with drink)  from 25,00
Beer (0,5)  from 2,00
Wine (0,75) € from 6,50
National Museums Free, other institutions:  from 9,00
Bus Ticket  2,80
Hotel (**** double room)  from 128,00 
Budget Hotel (double room)  from 56,00 
Hostel  from 25,00

Places and Attractions to Visit in Denmark

1. Nyhavn, Copenhagen 

Denmark Travel Guide

Great place to stroll, have a sit for a glass of Carlsberg or cup of coffee. This dockland surrounded by multi colored houses , restaurants and many ships is very charming quarter in Copenhagen. You can make beautiful pictures like from postcards. If you like adventures, catch hydrofoil and go to Sweden nice city cruise to see the sights.

2. The Kronborg Castle near Halsingor. William Shakespeare wrote about this magnificent castle in Hamlet! It’s one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe and it’s UNESCO site. Located in Helsingør.

3. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen Dated 1843, it’s the oldest entertainment park in the world! You can find here many famous attractions like rollercoaster, puppet theatres, restaurants, concert hall. In the night you can see fireworks and during the summer you can grab your place on free rock concert.

4. The old town of Arhus.  The city used to be  fortified Viking settlement and history said about it even in 8th century. Now city is picturesque with colorful houses, litte shops and restaurants. If you not very happy  Denmark travel guide suggest to go there it.’s one of the ost happiest cities in the world!  The best thing is between january and march travelers have 50%off admission, so why not off season.

5. Original Legoland in Billund First open in 1968 is the oldest Lego park in the world. Offers a lot of fun and attractions for all ages so don’t fell old and don’t miss legoland.

6. Bornholm Don’t miss this beautiful Baltic gem. Check as well Dueodde Beach or tasting local herring delicacy.  Easiest way there, fly to Ronne-Bornholm Airport or check out the ferry connections.

7. The Round Tower, Copenhagen it’s really worth going up to see the panoramic view of Copenhagen (36meters). That’s observatory built in 1642.

8. Oresund Bridge Trip through this bridge is absolutely  awesome! During your Denmark travel you have to see this true Scandinavian icon bridge, with lenght around ten kilometers, what you can travel by car or train. It was open in 1999 and links island oof Zealand to the southwest coast of sweden, very close Malmo.


1. Tivoli amusement park Dated 1843, enjoy your time and have fun in the oldest entertainment park in the world! You can find here many famous attractions like rollercoaster, puppet theatres, restaurants, concert hall. In the night you can see fireworks and during the summer you can grab your place on free rock concert.

2. Ice-skating in winter i very popular. There are skating rinks in Copenhagen Nørrebro and Valby, with equipment rental.

3. Cycling  For example Copenhagen is one of the most friendly bikes cities in the world. Copenhagen City Bikes was the world’s first large-scale urban bicycle sharing system, launched in 1995. Bicycles may also be taken on S-trains for free, and are admissible on the city’s waterbuses.

Emergency Numbers

According Denmark travel guide The European emergency number 112 is the only one in Denmark. That’s cool.

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