England Travel Guide

England Travel Guide

England part of United Kingdom and one if the most famous countries in the world, shining present time like never before. Lots of freedom, festivals and music events, great theatres with even greater musicals, free amazing museums, stunning parks, marvellous football, red buses and giant traffic, Queen and princess Kate, all that and many more here in England.

England Travel Guide

Capital: London

Language: English / Population: 53 million (UK) / Currency: Pound Sterling

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Climate England is famous for its rain and the lush green of its countryside. Coldest months are December to February, when the temperature is usually between 3 and 6°C. In July and August, the temperature averages between 16 and 21°C. Rain falls throughout the year, and the weather in England can sometimes change very quickly. Especially in fall and winter strong atlantic low-pressure systems can bring gales and uncomfortable weather with heavy rain, showers or even thunderstorms.

Required clothing: Lightweights with rainwear for summer, waterproof Medium to Heavyweights for your England travel in winter. Be prepared for sometimes very crazy hard weather conditions in the mountainous regions of Scotland.

Cuisine recognised as a little curious and bland. Traditional English dishes are a small part of English cuisine is, a lot of it you can find dan and flavors borrowed from other countries. For breakfast you eat “Full English Breakfast” or toast, eggs, baked beans, sausages, sausage, becon, hash brown and mushrooms. You have to try it! For dinner try the brownie Beef (Roast beef) with Yorkshire pudding with potatos and vegetables. It is served with gravy. Also, try casserole with beef and potatoes (Cottage pie) or the fish and chips. The English like to flavors of the Orient. if you had asked Londoner on the street about favorite food would probably have responded, “Tikka masala of course”. Among the desserts recommend Trifle (Gordon Ramsey’s favorite dessert). These are the fruit in jelly layered with custard and sponge cake with whipped cream. In the afternoon find time for tea (always with milk and sugar) and buns with raisins (scones), in the evening relax when you drink cold cider.

Foreign Relations  England as part of United Kingdom remains a major power and a permanent member of the UN Security Council, a Member of European Union, member of the G7, G8, G20 and NATO.

How to Save Money

If you interested how to do it I wrote comprehensive articles about it How to save Money in United Kingdom Part I  Cheap eat, How to save on your food, and How to save Money in United Kingdom Part II Accommodation and transport.

Expense Report

Expense report for England travel guide are based on my individual experience, big Mac index and online research. (2015)

Big Mac € 3,78
Bread  from 1,40 
Budget Lunch for 1 (with drink) € from 18,00  
Budget Dinner for 1 (with drink)  from 24,00  
Beer (0,5)  from 1,40
Wine (0,75) € from 5,00 
British National Museum  0,00  !!!
Bus Ticket  2,10
Hotel (**** double room)  from 150 (London) 
Budget Hotel (double room)  from 85  (London)
Hostel  from 20 (London)

Places and Attractions to Visit in England

1. London That’s fine I know I’m boring but there is no many cities is the world like this. When you visited city center you can feel like in XXII century and two minutes later like in XVIII century on another corner, you have people from around the world, speaking over 300 languages!!!Did know that three of the top ten museums and galleries in the world are based in London. There is rat race after money but people still have time to enjoy this amazing city. 17000 music performances across year  and best theatres in europe give you opportunity to enjoy. Whatever I can write and write but there is no end, just visit yourself.

2. Stonehenge One of the most renown ancient sites in the world. Build from the large stones surrounding circular setting. It has been built through 900 years and it was completed 1600 BC. You can go there for a day excursion from London.

3. York You an find here history of Romans, Vikings, Saxons, Georgians and Edwardians, because of that, York have a title of British Heritage City. Stroll around city walls (from romans time) or discover marvellous panoramic view from the top of Clifford’s Tower and many more..

4. Jurassic Coast  It have a distance of 96 miles, 155 kilometres and it’s one of the world heritage site. It can give you insight into earth science.Remember rocks can falls down at any time of the year and therefore it is important to stay away from the cliffs.

5. Liverpool Home of beatles and Liverpool Footbal Club. Liverpool was created in 1207 an it was second city of empire. Liverpool’s Cathedral is the largest in Britain and the fifth largest in the world.city itself it’s just astonishing and it’s recommended to visit it during your England travel.

6. Lake District Second largest National Park in UK located in north England. Many picturesque lakes, mountains and hills with beautiful dramatic scenery.  If you  like climbing or hiking it’s best destination. Visited per by around 14 million tourists.

7. Manchester The most visited city aside from London in England, with a lot of possibilities like shopping, cultural, entertainment and home of two great football clubs. You can’t miss it in England.

8. Cornwall s full of wonderful landscapes. nice mild climate and special culture. Surrounded by Celtic Sea and English Channel Cornwall is very rich beaches and cliffs. You can find there many more attractions like gardens, museums and wooded valleys.

9. Bristol: England travel guide stronly recommend Bristol as great destination. Bristol has been port since Roman era. You can visit there Roman Villa, Bristol Cathedral and Tyntesfield the beautiful Victorian estate. Bristol is European Green Capital in 2015.

10. Torquay great choice if you looking for entertainment activities like Babbacombe Model Village as well Babbacombe and Princess Theatres. Torquay ia a birthplace of Agatha Christie who was born here and lived her early years. You can always find here something to do.


1. Sightseeing Yes I’m not joking. There is not so many places in the world with such great museum almost all (except private one) free of charge. You can’t miss British Museum, National Gallery, National History Museum or Tate Modern!

2. Premier League That’s the world’s number one football league and it’s broadcast to 4.8billion people. Watch Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, ManU, Man City and others on their stadions. tickets are not cheap but great memories unforgettable.

3. Hiking: Walk English National parks with great landcscapes and fresh air you can easily discover great places like Lake District, Dartmoor, Hadrian’s wall path and many more..

Emergency Numbers

According England travel guide The European emergency number 112 is not the only one you can use as well 999.

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