How to save money on Travel in Germany

Comprehensive guide how to save money on travel in Germany


Car Sharing

Great option in Germany. There is very popular website, but you can use   as well blablacar or carpooling. Car sharing gives ou option for travel for very little amount of money, you an travel for very long distances even for 20 euros and it’s very safe, cause you can check your driver references and find lots of different routes.


The cheapest option is Megabus where you can buy tickets starting from 1 euro! Try as well Meinfenbus and flixbus, that’s low cost buses with good standard and many routes in Germany.


Book your train early s you can save au to 50 % off your tickets. The most important tobe flexible couse sometimes you have to take off peak journey.

If you under 25 you can get and use Bahn card what gives you 25% off your ticket.

Travel in the group, during the weekend you can save huge amount of money.You can buy Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket for weekday travel or a Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket for weekend travel.Ticket validity is from 9 am to 3am next day. QdL ticket starts at €44 for one traveler, but less than double that for up to five people—a five-person group spends around €15 per person to ride the rails. The weekend ticket has better conditions for less money: The price starts at €40 for a single traveler, but five people pay just €12 euros each for travel from midnight of the day of travel until 3 am the following morning.


Try hostels. You can book room in the hostel starting from 30 euros or dorm starting from 12. Hostels in Germany have really good standards.

Food and Dinning

Eating Out

Try “Imbiss” they are cheap and good quality places to eat. Great choice of food for around (2-3 euro, 4-5 dollars) lie Bratwurst, Currywurst, pork sausages.

Try food from the vendorslike hot dogs or sausage vendors, it can e around -3 euros (4-5 dollars)

If you in the Berlin try Kebab, it’s the best outside of Istanbul in the world, purely beautiful. (3 euro, 4 – 5dollars)


If you wanna shop some food, avoid more expensive REWE or Real and try to find one of German famous discounts like Lidl, Netto or Amazingly cheap Aldi.


What I can say more than Beer. When I’m usually going to France I wanna try as much wine as possible, the same thing is with beers in Germany. Beers are very cheap, affordable and with great number of different kinds. Did you know that Germans drinks aproximately 120L of beers per year and their breweries produces 10% of of world’s beer.


Museums Many German museum have a free day weekly or monthly so don’t spend your time, research on museum website and catch the opportunity.

Free walking tours – you can hear and discover city in amazing way for just a tip to a guide, it’sup to you how mch you wanna give.

City Passes – Good option for active. In Berlin for example, city pass give you : free entry to 60 top Berlin attractions, free hop on hop off bus tour, free travelcard for public transport ( whatever card is quite expensive 3days 99 euro!)

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