How to Save money on travel in Italy

1. Book your train tickets in advance

The train network in Italy is extensive, fast, and well maintained, which makes traveling by train the best way to see Italy. It’s much cheaper if you book early. Train tickets can be booked up to 120 days in advance, if you grab a deal, you can save even up to 70% less than regular tickets. You simply purchase your ticket online, get a PNR number, and hop right on the train. No check in, no ticket, no hassle. Just tell the train conductor your PNR when they come around and you’re all set.

2. Stand! or ask for a price of seat!

Sitting down at a bar or cafe can easily cost twice as much, even for a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza. When entering a new place, always ask if it costs more to sit at a table. Do like the Italians do and stand at the counter/bar. For example I orderd shot of espresso in cofffe- bar for 0,90 after 2 minutes waiter ask me for 2 euros. So my 2 minutes of sitting cost me 1,10 euro.

3. Stay in Apataments

Apartments can be half the price, twice as nice, and provide you have a chance to stay in really awesome  neighborhoods downtown. Remember  you an support local people and smaller companies.

4. Walk Around!!!

The best part of Italian cities is getting lost amidst the alleyways and back streets. You can discover all types of incredible views, restaurants, and see the city for what it really is.

5. Think about your water

Buying “acqua” at a restaurant with your meal will usually cost 3-4 euros, about the same as a glass of wine. You can buy a cheap water bottle at a corner store or grocery for 0.70€ or you can have your own botttle and fill up on many local fountains.

6. Go local instead of  high speed!

If you’re short on money and long on time, or if you simply enjoy taking the scenic route, take local trains as opposed to the high speed ones. A good rule of thumb is that local trains will be about half the price of the cheapest high speed train. So if you want to save some money, have more flexibility, and see Italy at a slower pace, the local train is the way to go.

7. Off Season? why not?

If you interested in sightseeing and not lying on the beach you canl save a lot of money. Hotels and apartments will be less than half the price. More saver tickets for trains. Plane tickets will be much cheaper to and from Italy.

8. Pre paid sim card as a great option.

If you’ve got a smartphone simply unlock your phone, and when you arrive in Italy, head to an electronics or phone store and purchase a pre-paid SIM card. For 15 euros, you can get a  SIM card with 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 2 gigs of data, which is more than enough for 2 weeks in Italy. It’s pre-paid, there will be no surprises. Once you hit your limit, your phone will stop, and you can buy another SIM card.

How to Save money on travel in Italy

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