How to save money on Travel in UK

Comprehensive Guide How to save money on Travel in UK Part I

  Cheap eat. How to save on your food.

1. Lunch set menu and early evening set menu.

Many Chains and independent restaurants doing “late” lunch set menu ( from 14-16) and some of them early evening set menu (from 16 – 19). You can buy very affordable 3 course meal for even 10 Pounds!

2. Don’t Pay Service Charge.

No I’m not stingy. I working in hospitality and 90% of waiters won’t see even penny your “tip” (service charge). Most of restaurants taking service charge as their  income and they aren’t sharing it with waiters. Service charge is always optional and you don’t have to pay it, if you like your service, to be sure, leave a tip for a waiter in cash or on a card.

3. Have a Picnic

Buy some food in one of many supermarkets (or take away) and enjoy your time in one of most amazing tourist attractions in UK, parks! Free and natural!

4. Vegetarian idea

Many vegetarians restaurants are much cheaper than others and you can eat very nutrtious and healthy meal.

5. Try Pub food

You have to check if pub serving food, because not all of them do it. Dining in pubs give you opportunity to try british national food in usually very affordable price. Try one of shepherds or cottage pie, ploughman’s lunch, baked potatoes with fillings, roast joint (beef, pork,lamb, poultry), roast and mashed potatoes, vegetables (carrots, cabbage), Yorkshire pudding with gravy.

6. Ask for tap water

Everywhere restaurants serve tap water for free and it’s not a shame ask for it.

7. Fish and chips!!

Try British specialities and there is nothing more British than fish and chips. That meal can be very affordable and big, you can share big portion for two and have sharing meal for even 6 pounds.

8. If you able to find one try CAFF.

 Caffs are small places. They are usually independent, family-owned or young crazy people places that serve up cheap, wholesome food to local people, workmen and students. You can look in your city for caff, you can eat there very cheap.

9. Chinese Buffete as option for hungry.

You can eat as much as you want for set price in lunch even from 7 pounds in smaller cities and 9-10 in London. Dinner is usually twice much more expensive. Food is good and tasty so why not.

10. Cheap supermaket.

If you want to find cheap supermarket try Lidl or Aldi prices are much cheaper compare to British supermarkets.

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How to save money on Travel in UK

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