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I can’t be objective. I’m really biased. So if you don’t want, don’t read it!

True is that I fall in love with this country in january, when I went for few days holiday. So first of all, weather even in january, more than twenty degrees with beautiful blue sky and not too cold water… what do you need more, if you about to look on weather in London or most of the cities in Europe the same time. That’s fuc.. amazing. Tickets 30 £ (35€) from London “RETURN”, that’s bargain!!! Accommodation it’s up to you but it’s much cheaper than all known by me western european places.

My first visited place was Agadir which in my opinion isn’t best place to visit (now I know), because is so bloody european that you can’t feel true African Morocco.

However Agadir have amazing Marketplace “Souk El Had”, where you can buy very cheap, good quality counterfeits. I was really able to buy beautiful Converses or Vans for 6-7  £ (8-9 €). Whatever Souk El Had isn’t only about counterfeits. Agadir Souk is the third biggest market in North Africa and I mean is huge, if you like shopping  you can spend it there half day easily. Apart that, Agadir has beautiful long beach, with newly built modern Marina and Port where you can buy fresh fish and eat tasty seafood straight from the ocean, at least twice cheaper than in the  city. Place itself is amazing, around thirty tiny restaurants squeezed one after another. Remember prices are everywhere the same.

My Marocco

Close to Agair is located (20km)Taghazout, probably the best, or one of or the best places to surf in Morocco. I met many people around coast who said is the best, but who truly knows?

I spend there one day with great intention to learn surfing. That have been my first and hope so beginning of great passion in my life. You can rent board and swimsuit for around 7 £ (9 €) for whole day. I bargain to 7 €!!! That’s good price! Even with my motivation and passion to fall down after two hours I realized that’s pointless, I need a teacher! I had found nice surfer who for 8 € given me good lesson of surfing and that’s how, my second after mountain climbing passion starts. After all I have been surfing, I mean kind of standing on the board.

Next day we left to Marrakech. Highway from Agadir to Marrakech is superb (Bus cost for person around 8 €), really european standard but the most important is iconic view of Atlas mountains.. Just simply beautiful, I have fallen in love again. I promise myself I will be back there soon. We haven’t got much time in Marrakech just late afternoon to sightseeing. We stayed there in beautiful Spa Riad, with the best possible staff I ever met in my life. That was the end of first trip to Morocco.

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