Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

Comprehensive Guide to Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

1. Pena National Palace, Sintra (cover photo)

Romanticist palace in São Pedro de Penaferrim, in the municipality of Sintra, Portugal. The palace stands on the top of a hill above the town of Sintra, and on a clear day it can be easily seen from Lisbon and much of its metropolitan area. It is a national monument and constitutes one of the major expressions of 19th-century Romanticism in the world. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

2. Oceanário de Lisboa, Lisbon

Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

Lisbon’s Oceanarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums. Designed by Peter Chermeyeff. It is a deep-sea diving experience without any of the risks, with about 25,000 fish, seabirds, and mammals in an enormous huge central tank that is the size of four Olympic-sized swimming pools, but truly design makes it spectacular. Visitors can look into it from different levels for close-ups of the various creatures, including different species of sharks. That’s the first aquarium ever to incorporate world ocean habitats within a single environment, with impressive recreations of various ocean ecosystems — the Antarctic tank containing penguins, and the Pacific tank with otters playing in rock pools.

3. Palácio Nacional de Sintra, Sintra

Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

The thousand-year-old history of the Palace of the Town of Sintra began during the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. Already mentioned in texts from the 11th century, the original Moorish Palace became the property of the Portuguese Crown after the conquest of the city of Lisbon by Afonso Henriques. It is a present day historic house museum. That’s the best preserved medieval Royal Palace in Portugal, from being inhabited more or less continuously from at least the early 15th century to the late 19th century. It is an significant tourist attraction, and is part of the cultural landscape of Sintra, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon

Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

The most impressive symbol of Portugal’s power and wealth during the Age of Discovery. King Manuel I built it in 1502 on the site of a hermitage founded by Prince Henry the Navigator, where Vasco da Gama and his crew spent their last night in Portugal in prayer before leaving for India. It was built to commemorate Vasco Da Gama’s voyage and to give thanks to the Virgin Mary for its success. Vasco da Gama’s tomb was placed inside by the entrance, as was the tomb of poet Luis de Camões, author of the epic The Lusiads in which he glorifies the triumphs of Da Gama and his compatriots.

5. Torre de Belém, Lisbon

Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

Second name is Tower of St Vincent. Fortified tower located in Lisbon, Portugal. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of the significant role it played in the Portuguese maritime discoveries of the era of the Age of Discoveries.The tower was commissioned by King John II to be part of a defense system at the mouth of the Tagus river and a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. The tower was built in the early 16th century and is a prominent example of the Portuguese Manueline style, also include hints of other architectural styles. The structure was built from lioz limestone and is composed of a bastion and a 30 m (100 foot), our storey tower.

6. Praia da Marinha

Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

This magneficient beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Portugal. Located in the Atlantic coast region of Algarve, the beach is flanked by gorgeous blue waters on one side, and sandy beaches and high cliffs on the landside.  Water is so clear that you can snorkeling!

7. Cais da Ribeira

Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

It is described as “The Soul of Porto”. Ribeira The alluring district of Ribeira is made up of medieval streets and seedy alleyways. It is a crumbling but fascinating place, ending at a riverfront square.Wth photogenic traditional boats floating at the quayside overlooked by colorful ancient houses, this is the most picturesque spot in the city and the place everyone loves. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. Ribeira is the most romantic district to stay in Porto.

8. Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga

Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

Bom Jesus do Monte is a Portuguese sanctuary in Tenões, outside the city of Braga, in northern Portugal. Its name means Good Jesus of the Mount. The Sanctuary is a notable example of pilgrimage site with a monumental, Baroque stairway that climbs 116 meters, that’s a lot of stairs! It is an important tourist attraction of Braga.

9. University of Coimbra

Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

Portuguese public university in Coimbra, Portugal. Established in 1290 in Lisbon, it went through a number of relocations until it was moved permanently to its current city in 1537, being one of the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world, the oldest university of Portugal, and one of its largest higher education and research institutions. It is surrounded by a beautiful colonnaded central square, the Paço das Escolas. The Alta and Sofia wings of the university – a former royal residence – reward visitors with a number of star features, including the astonishing Biblioteca Joanina, a sumptuously decorated library installed in 1717 by King João V.

10 Capela dos Ossos

Top 10 tourist attractions in Portugal

In the “Chapel of Bones the walls and central pillars are covered with human skulls and other parts of skeletons, held together by cement. Inside, human bones and skulls completely cover the chapel’s walls and pillars – the number of skeletons has been estimated at 5,000. Legend has it the bones come from soldiers of a major battle or plague victims, but in reality they are people from all walks of life who were buried in Evora’s medieval cemeteries.

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