Top 10 ways to save money on travel in Ireland

1. Free entertaintment

Some of the best entertainment requires only the price of a pint at the local pub, where musicians will gather do Irish traditional music. Usually there are paid performers, sometimes  it’s just a group of friends who comes to play and have some fun. Ask a locals where the best pubs with music can be found in the area.

2. Do Not Dine Out or Have dinner early

It is easy to spend € 30-40  for an evening meal in Ireland’s restaurants. If you on a budget, simply avoid evening meals. Many restaurant have great value early bird specials, available to those who order their meal before 7pm (varies, may be 6.30 in some restaurants). These are generally two or three courses from a special menu at a significant reduction on the normal cost of dinner, especially in more up-market places.

Consider Chinese or Thai buffet. The food is good and you can eat how much you want, paying just once. So great choice if you hungry!

3. Supermarket as better choice

Everything from food, cosmetics and even souvenirs much cheaper can be bought in large supermarkets like Tesco, Dunnes Stores, prices are much lower than local groceries.

4. Consider Heritagecard

If you are planning to visit several of the state-owned sites like Newgrange and Glendalough, consider getting the Heritagecard – this will give you “free” entry to all sites for one payment!

5. Free Museums

Ireland have many free museums like National Museum of Ireland and its branches: Natural History, Archaeology and History, and Decorative Arts and History (all in Dublin), and Country Life (in County Mayo). The National Library, National Gallery, and Museum of Modern Art at Kilmainham are also free.

6. Eat a Big Breakfast and a Small Lunch

While you are in Ireland from the nice hotels to the smallest B&B providing an amazing breakfast so eat it and have energy for whole day! For lunch you’ll now just need something small so find a nice cafe and good starter or snack.. You an consider as well going to a grocery store and buy a chunk of nice local cheese, crackers or bread rolls and some fruit, then take yourself somewhere pretty and have a picnic.

7. Discounts

Almost all attractions have discounted prices for seniors, students and children – be sure to ask for them if you qualify. Student discounts can cut admission prices by as much as 50% — bring a valid student ID. In addition, if you’re in the 55-and-older age bracket, never pay an admission fee without asking for the senior discount granted by almost all sightseeing highlights. If you are a group of 4 or more going on private tours, taking ferries or taking part in activities such as golf, water sports or similar ask for a group discount. They always exist – they are given to tour operators routinely and there is no reason they should not be given to you too. Expect to get between 10% and 20% off.

8. Reclaim the VAT

If you coming outside of EU,  you can save more than $17 for every hundred dollars you spend on goods in Ireland. If you export these goods to a destination outside the European Union you can reclaim the high Value Added Tax which will save you a fair amount.

9. Travel off-season

When airfares (as well as accommodations prices) drop substantially. Peak-season fares generally extend from June to mid-September; prices are low in October and November, then rise again from mid-December to mid-January; late winter and early spring fares are predictably low. But be advised that winter in Ireland can be truly miserable. May is often the most beautiful month of the year, with lots of sun, warm temperatures, and cheap airfares.

10. Travel by rail or bus

Buses becomes even cheaper with the Irish Explorer Pass, good for unlimited travel for 5 or 8 days throughout the Republic. In Northern Ireland, the Freedom of Northern Ireland pass is a recommended money-saver. Bus Eireann the national Irish bus company and Irish Rail have promotional midweek, weekend, and excursion fares when you’re buying your ticket.

Top 10 ways to save money on travel in Ireland

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