Top 10 ways to save money on travel in Norway

Remember and take for consideration that you’re traveling to one of the most expensive countries in the world, where budget alternatives are very small. I made my best to find possibilities.. So save and conquer your dreams. Norway is like a dream. Let’s go with Top 10 ways to save money on travel in Norway!

1. Camp anywhere

If you finding hotels too expensive, Norway offers many hostels and camping sites. If you bring your own tent, you can camp almost anywhere, for free, as long as it’s 200 meters away nearest road. Camping sites will charge you a nominal fee to make use of the facilities, and most sites should have budget huts if the weather gets bad.

2. Rent a room in private house

You can look on Værelse, Rom, Rum, or Hus Rum sign, find something in english or ask at the local tourist office (which may charge you a room-finding fee).

3. Don’t drink alcohol or..

Alcohol is also super expensive in Norway. Rather buy beer or wine at the duty free section when entering Norway or buy anything you like in your leaving airport, you can save a lot of money like that. It will also make a great gift when visiting a Norwegian friend. Drinking in public is forbidden in Norway.

4. Coffee Lover..

You can buy a thermos and get it filled in most hotels and hostels for a fee. It will always save some money and you can enjoy warm coffee in mostly cold weather.

5. Tap water

Fill up your bottle and don’t buy super expensive another one. As well ordering a bottle of mineral water with your meal is unnecessary. Most restaurants will bring a jug and some glasses to your table. If they don’t, it is perfectly alright to ask for tap water.

6. Couchsurf

Norwegians are very hospitable, with some determination you can find host in Norway or use Airbnb to rent an room or apartment so you can save your money.

7. Cook your own food

Food is very expensive in Norway so the best thing you can do is it simply make your own meals. Go grocery shopping but skip buying lots of fresh vegetables and meat. Of the many supermarket chains you will find in Norway, Rema 1000, Kiwi and Rimi are regarded as the cheapest.

8. Avoid using ATMs

Even if the service fees when using an ATM is not extravagant, the fees add up. Rather make purchases on your regular debit card, or better yet, use hard cash. Make sure to check with your local bank before you leave to find out if there are partner banks in Norway, in case you have to use an ATM in an emergency.

9. If eating out..

In the cities, search for smaller Asian restaurants. Plenty of them are cheap and offer quality food. Oslo have many of these restaurants in the Grønland area as well as Torggata, the street which connects the city centre and lower parts of Grünerløkka. You can always go to fast food or eat pizza or shwarma.

10. Local budget Lunch

In many small shops you can buy an open-face sandwich (smørrebrød). and a cup of coffee.

Top 10 ways to save money on travel in Norway

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