Top 10 ways to save money on travel in Poland

Comprehensive Guide to Top 10 ways to save money on travel in Poland

First of all Poland is relatively cheap country compare to western europe. However for us Polish is super expensive, but if you coming from UK, western europe or US, don’t worry your wallet won’t be screaming, it’s very cheap.

1. Mobile Data

I think you can easily buy sim card wih around 250MB for 1 pound (1,4 dol) or 1GB  for 1,8 pound  (2,75) whatever I include some more choices in Play mobile:

Top Ups:

Top UP Data Date of validity
5 PLN 250 MB 7 days
10 PLN 1 GB 7 days
20 PLN 3 GB 14 days
30PLN 6 GB 30 days
50 PLN 12 GB 60days
75 PLN 20 GB 90 days
100 PLN 30 GB 120 days
125 PLN 40 GB 150 days

2. Eat in “Bar Mleczny”

You can find kind of bar called “Bar mleczny” in all big cities in Poland. It’s very cheap bar and I mean very very cheap, it’s mostly for local people, usually it’s a small place and you have to wait for food in queue, it’s very busy and you have to speak at least few words in polish to order or ask help for some young people (almost everyone should speak english) . Bars like that offer choice of traditionally Polish food. Try dumplings!

3. Strong Alcohol is cheap.

You can choose one of famous polish Vodkas like “Żubrówka”or tasty cheap polish beers. Poland don’t have good wines, so I recommend stay with vodka and beer.

4. City Transport

Think about time. Mostly in all of big citiesfor loal transport you can buy time tickets: 20 minutes, 40 minutes, hour, 100 mins, 12h,24h. Don’t overpay think for how long you need transport. If you student to 25 years you have 50% discount for all tickets.

5. Polski Bus

Buses are a bit cheaper than rail but slower. Polski Bus offers cheap tickets in Poland and few other countries around even from 1 PLN, if you book ticket early.

6. Sleep in hostels

You can find a bed in dorm from 7 euro, meet nice people and have awesome time. Why not.

7. Shop in discounts

Avoid expensive supermarkets, they rip off. Food and drinks in discounts can be even twice cheaper than local carrefour etc.

8. Go to local food markets

It’s not about money but about food! You can buy Polish vegetables or fruits, straight from farmer or old grandma who sells you hand to hand, organic beautiful food from small village. Belive me it taste heaven better!

9. Look for free day museum

Probably all museums have free open days. A lot of them in mondays etc. Check them and don’t pay for your tickets.

10. Rent a bike

All big polish cities have bike rentals and many of them have self-service bicycle rental which is much cheaper, for example in Cracow

Registered users are supposed to take an indigo bicycle from any of those stations and return the two-wheeler to another stand. One can register online at but if nothing has recently changed the interface is in Polish only. Besides, you need to deposit – by courtesy of your credit card – 20 zlotys (PLN) (5euro) returnable on quitting the arrangement. First twenty minutes of every rental is free of charge while the next 40 minutes cost two zlotys( 0,45 euro). The second hour and the third hour is priced at three zloties (0,7 euro) and each subsequent hour cost four zloties.

 Top 10 ways to save money on travel in Poland

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